Once again, we find ourselves at the beginning of the wheel, the veil is thin and our journey at this time of year is one of reflection and introspection.  In the olden days and cultures no lost when the seasons were steadier, families and communities would come together, with fires lit and close the doors to the outside elements.  It would be a time stories and sharing’s, a time to talk of the year past and the year yet to come.

A natural order was adhered to, one that was never spoken.  It was a time to give thanks and honour the ancestors, whilst also asking for guidance and to keep us safe we the coming of winter.

Today is Samhain different to the Halloween that we now and love and is marked astrologically with the Sun entering 15deg Scorpio.

So if you are able, take a moment today and give thanks to where you have come from, who came before you to allow you to be and who will come after you.

Samhain blessings to one and all,
May your lives be blessed,
May your life be full,
May the circle turn once more