Autumn is here, the leaves are falling and it‚Äôs going to be 20 degrees this week! Ok so the weather is behaving just a little strange, this is England after all ūüėä.


Phoenix Flames October Newsletter 2018


So what news from the desk of Sacred Sounds/Phoenix Flames you ask? ‚Äď

Firstly, thank you to everyone that has been booking and using the new PayPal system for tickets to the Gong Baths and Firewalks, why I didn‚Äôt do that sooner ūüėä, such a great help for me and also thanks to those that have filled in the short feedback questionnaire, keep them coming pleassse (link at the end).

As we move into the darker months, we look to connect to the ancestral energies and review not only the year past, but also for some of us, we also look further back to see what lessons have been learned thus far, and what guidance we need as we move forward once more.

Samhain falls on the 7th November this year marking the beginning of the Celtic wheel.

The Winter Solstice falls on the weekend of the 21st and I have been able to secure space for a special 3 hour 3 Gong event here in Northampton at the lovely Om Studio where we hold our regular Gong Baths.

The event will be limited to 15 individuals to allow for space and sharing in-between and for those that would like to really work with the Solstice energies you can combine it with the Solstice Firewalk in the evening for a reduced exchange. Full details to be found on the events page for both.

Our events are booking up with only a few spaces left for November and December filling up.

In the next few weeks I shall also be confirming dates for the first half of 2019.


Soul Speak


The first online groups of Soul Speak recently finished with the realisation that maybe launching two courses at once was quite a lot of energy to hold, as a result I shall be focusing on the core group of Exploring the Abyss which is the Intermediate group, which is now a 10 week course, so that we can really get some traction and work done as a group.

I do have a couple of spaces left starting this Wednesday so if you are called to it, get in touch for an interview to find out more ‚Äď our focus for the upcoming course will be to enable access to the Akashic realm and record keeper.

So I think that’s enough for the October update, keep connected via Instagram/ Facebook and the website as there are always new things appearing and updates and of course the regular event listings are below.

And here’s the link to my very short feedback and testimonial form for the new website;

Sonic Blessings

Olaf and Gayle



Upcoming Gong Baths


Gong Baths Northampton Sacred Sounds


Gong Baths at the Om Studio – Northampton

All Gong Baths are a 6.45 arrival for 7pm start at which time the gate will be locked.

Friday 2nd November¬†– November Gong Bath –¬†Click here to book

Friday 7th December– New Moon Gong Bath –¬†Click here to book

Exchange  = £17

For more info and to book;



Winter Solstice 3 Hour Gong Immersion With Frankincense


Gong Baths Northampton Sacred Sounds Winter Solstice


The Winter Solstice heralds in the bringing of the light and as we join together with the energies we pause to reflect.
Join us and be bathed in the sounds of the Gongs, Flutes, Shruti box and other ancient instruments for this special 3 hour event

We shall be burning a special blend of Frankincense and Myrrh to heighten the senses as the Gongs play their songs.

After there will be the opportunity to purchase some of the Frankincense used and to ask any questions that may arise.

Please do not book on this event if you are sensitive to Frankincense / smoke or unsure about you may be affected by the environment


Exchange £40 payable in advance

Spaces for this special event are limited to 15 and booking is essential

Mats, pillows and blankets are available at the OM but please feel free to bring anything extra for your comfort

Saturday 22nd December¬†– 10:00am – 1:00pm ¬£40¬† –¬†Click here to book




Upcoming Drumming Events


drumming collective Northampton

Northampton Heartbeat Drumming Collective

A monthly meetup for anyone that would like to come and have a go at drumming. Our meetups take place in the cellar of Ye Old England Ale House, from 8:00pm- 9:30pm ish.

Monday 22nd October¬†– Northampton Heartbeat Drumming Collective –¬†Click here to book

Monday 19th November¬†– Northampton Heartbeat Drumming Collective –¬†Click here to book

Monday 17th December– Northampton Heartbeat Drumming Collective –¬†Click here to book

Exchange £5

For more info and to book



Upcoming Firewalks


Phoenix Flames fire walks Northampton

Are you ready to walk the Violet flames of Transformation?

Firewalking is an act of self-discovery practiced for millennia all over the world. It is a symbolic rite of passage. Just as the wildfires in nature burn away dead and lifeless debris left on the land and fertilise it with ash, creating space for the sunlight and rain to reach the seeds of new growth, so the Firewalk allows us to release energetic and emotional burdens to the Fire, making way for new beginnings.


Saturday 10th November¬†– 6pm – 9pm The Woods, Overstone, Northampton –¬†Click here to book

Saturday 22nd December¬†– 6pm – 9pm The Woods, Overstone, Northampton –¬†Click here to book

Sunday 20th January¬†– 6pm – 9pm The Woods, Overstone, Northampton –¬†Click here to book

Exchange £50

For more info and to book



Other Events Around the Country



Sunday 9th December  РYoga and Gongs at Kettlebrook Lodge Nottingham.

Click here for more information!


The College Of Psychic Studies

Click here to see what events are on at the College of Psychic Studies in London.