Wow wow wow, all I can say really, if you would have said 10 years ago, even 5 that I would have managed to somehow amass the ability to manifest 5 elements of teachings and to also encapsulate that in a website and in my life, well, lets just say I would have found it had to believe.


Welcome To Phoenix Flames


Giving it up and trusting in the Universe or God or the higher self, that’s how I’ve arrived here and this website would never have happened if it was not for the ability and insight Emily from has had on this journey, to just know how things should look and feel, a fellow journeywomen with the Gongs and sound, she has been an angel sent to me just at the right time. So thankyou thankyou Emily – may your future continue to be blessed with abundance.

So it’s here at last, Phoenix Flames and the portal for everything that I do. Sacred sounds is still very much alive and the portal for all things Gong and sound related, it will also be the place to book all the events that both Phoenix Flames / Sacred Sounds and whatever comes next. A new booking system is in place for all private and group work.


So please explore, give me some feedback and I look forward to meeting you all in person and in spirit somewhere along the journey

Let the Phoenix rise and a new dragon be born, for we are always growing, evolving and striving to be better than we were yesterday





Phoenix Flames fire walks Northampton Olaf Nixon