It’s here in all it’s glory, the last mercury retrograde of the year.

And this evenings Firewalk will be making good use of this amazing energy to help us reflect on what we would like to cast off into the flames. Mercury always get plenty of notice from us during the year as it moves in and out of it’s retrograde cycles.

Mercury rules all types of communication, listening, speaking, reading, learning the list goes on. Also the ruler of formal contracts and agreements.

And when we find ourselves at the whim of the cycle things tend to get, well lets just say scrambled shall we.

So why am I saying all this?  Well tonight as we come together to light the fire for our walk, I am going to guide those that are ready to step up, to really look at there aspects of communication, really look at what needs to be said, what has yet to be said, what has been silenced by the self.  And with this awareness you will then be invited to walk the flames, to cast off those aspects and to walk out the other side, clearer and more confident of your communication at this time.

There are still plenty of spaces for those that would like to join

May your day be blessed and I hope to see some of you later